Saturday, March 21, 2015

Teenage Struggle

    The True Path of Early "Love"

        Being around many distractions makes it difficult for students to circumvent themselves around and to their main goals. One of these distractions is the need to have a relationship with the opposite sex. It has become rather a necessity more than an actual willingness.
     Many reasons could explain this, such as the imminent prom and a way to mitigate so-called "third wheeling." Of course, many could object on the grounds that most of the students in a relationship have a great sense of balance when it comes to time, but are those students inundating themselves with AP classes? Or are they just taking the easy route? As Harry from When Harry Met Sally put it ", men and women can't be friends." This is to say modern society has actually made it hard for themselves to have a plain-old form of friendship without any sexual desires getting in the way.
Early high school relationship are almost never successful.
    So how should students pursuing their erudite goals deal with these forms of distractions? Should they wait until college? Or should they try to find a balance of time despite the other pressures exerted on them from AP and other challenging classes?
    The only optimum choice students should choose is waiting until college to find the "one." One of the reasons and one of the main ideas students should think about is the fact that early relationships are often easily interrupted or hinder due many issue, such as going to different universities and simply moving.
This concept can be learned rather inadvertently through experience, but why take the lessons when it is already apparent?

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