Saturday, March 21, 2015


Panacea is a word that inundates our world with anticipation - a word that has found its place in conversations concerning major issues of our own creations, but has unsuccessfully proven its own definition.
Panacea defines herself as the primary universal cure, the elixir, and the “magic bullet,” yet she has failed to eradicate the components of what we expound to be our world’s major foibles. Cancer. War. Drought. We place further pressure by expecting Panacea to cure all of these exacerbated issues that could only be cured by an omnipotent entity. However, with all her silent cries and mythical reality, she has planted hope in our relentless world - hope for world peace and the demise of many benevolent diseases.
Panacea’s main mission is to peacefully kill her adversary - “Problems” and she is a long way from reaching that mission. She has become akin to the reputedly “unicornish 9-point essays” Ms. Bisera talks about except the fact that Panacea has been deemed to be the witch's potion - a fantasy with absolutely no possibility. Thus, it is of no stupefaction that the goddess of universal remedy was named after Panacea.
Panacea, successfully assimilating herself on the lips of many, has proven herself to be fluid with her name’s pronunciation. When we speak of Panacea, we are overcome with a satisfying sensation - a sensation that is rather parallel to that of sleeping and melting into a huge marshmallow. A sensation with all chicanery and fluidness that it tricks our very mind into thinking that it is afloat over all its surrounding issues. Beginning with a soft “P,” the pronunciation of “Panacea” could further be inferred to being serene and light, which fills the gaps that stress instigates in one’s minds. 
Although our contemporary issues rather tell us a different story, today with all our hope our thirsty world awaits the emergence of Panacea that would replace the word “problems” and transform it into history. Of course, apparent facilitation is required, but the real question is are we committed to maintain the major changes that Panacea would gift us?

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