Saturday, March 21, 2015

Night Owling


        Highschool and even college exams are right around the corner, and time becomes a student's worst, benevolent enemy; however there is a group of rather unique students who had already tackled that issue a long time ago - they're called Night Owls. A night owl is a person who circumvents sleeping before midnight. Night owls have, unfortunately, faced much controversy, being accused of breaking the natural rules of sleeping. They being a Night Owl is unnatural and deleterious, but with having the same, adequate amount of sleep every day, is it really eccentric or is it just unique?
           According to an ABC News article ", Night Owls May Face Higher Heart Risk", studies have proven that staying up till midnight could instigate many HEART DISEASES that could be fatal. Dr. Yu Misao divided a group of healthy men based on their daily sleep patterns, and conducted a study of both groups, concluding that Night Owls are more prone to heart diseases, although, he did not find any concrete scientific evidence behind his theory. According to another leading medical director at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, La, Dr Chip Lavie, staying up late at night could also be responsible for corpulence as she contends "Certainly, lack of sleep would have other adverse effects [both] directly and indirectly -- while not sleeping, is one munching on fatty, sugary foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, inhaling secondhand smoke in bars?" I agree with Lavie's claim that instead of sleeping at a time when one is awake while other people actually sleep many wrong things could happen, but it is highly unlikely that every Night Owl drinks and smokes his life out at 3 in the morning.
           Just because the media portrays some acts as to being the very optimum, certain things could be done uniquely and sleeping at different times is no exception. One should consider grave yard shifts chosen by various people. My parents, for example, had decided to work at a grave yard shift schedule. They for a fact did not come back home drunk or lethargic in any ways. The idea that sleeping at night and working in the morning had been established by our very early ancestors who struggled with hunting at night; however, today technology rules the world. We are able to provide our selves with light at a click of a button!

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